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Agent License Release


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So I was able to release the license for my NAS agent which was/is the lifetime license.  Then setup the new version on my NAS, everything is good.  I then setup a Pi to deploy at a customer site however it scanned my office network.  Now i'd like to release the agent license for that Pi.  I do not see where i can do this on the Pi.  As a matter of fact, I no longer see where i just previously could do this with the NAS agent. 

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I've reset your rapberry pi agent from our backoffice, so you should be able to install at your customer now.

When you are there you will need to execute the following commands:

rm -rf /opt/domotz/etc/domotz.json

/etc/init.d/domotz restart


We are improving the feature of resetting an agent, as we found some potential issues in case of connection lost during the execution of the reset operation done from the agent.

So we have removed from the agent, and going to move inside the portal. Also with the changes we are making you won't need any other action on the raspberry: just pressing the button on the portal. Please be patient and, in the meantime, just contact support@domotz.com if you need this.


Sorry for any inconvenient.


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No worries.  Thank you for your help.  


Would also love to see a feature that lets us delete all of the scanned devices rather than individually. 

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