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Please add support for Ninja RMM


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5 hours ago, Definitive said:

We use Ninja One RMM and would like to see support / integration for that in your product


Dear Domotz user,


in the past few months, we have tried to contact the Product Management team in Ninja One multiple time. Our intent is to start a collaboration for the development of such integration. The R&D effort is completely on Domotz, but we would need access to the documentation, sandbox and testing environments from Ninja One. For this reason we need them to be involved.


However, despite the multiple attempts, we have been told (also very recently) that they have no plans at the moment in facilitating such integration.


If you have contacts in Ninja One, it would be really beneficial if you can show them your interest in such integration.


If you want to discuss about the details, feel free to send me a DM.


Best regards,




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