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I recently bought a Domotz box after using Auvik and I need Fortinet equipment to be fully supported. Can some one create a fabric connector I can load that will allow the Agent to parse the data in the controller? I am moving to 100% Fortinet and need a solution that can give me the visibility into the the network without the sticker price of these other solutions. As it stands now Domotz is not as useful as I had hoped. 

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Hi there :)

Thank you for posting this topic!

I hope you will be positively surprised to learn that the FortiOS is supported by Domotz for Configuration Management:


This is an entirely new capability offered by Domotz. We will add more and more devices to the below list for which Domotz offers the possibility to:

  • automatically back-up configuration
  • manually back-up specific configuration
  • compare across different versions
  • getting alerted if something changes
  • getting notified if running configuration is different from the saved one
  • restore previous saved configuration
  • upload and update the device with a new configuration

Please review the whole list here: https://community.domotz.com/topic/1112-list-of-supported-devices-for-configuration-management/


I hope this opens doors and gates for you and your business. Please feel free to always post here or submit a query to the Domotz support Team at support@domotz.com

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