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Guest Phillip Trimble

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Guest Phillip Trimble

I’m still new in the trial.  I am trying to figure everything out. 

I understand the agent (at least 1) must be installed on the network you are going to manage.  

In RMMs I have tried, you install the agent in each end-point and you can manage these from a portal and create a company or group name then grab the specific end points and place them in the company/group for clearer views.  

My initial understanding is that your program doesn’t work like this?   

if I manage 2 customers  I install 1 of the agents one a single computer on that network.   

I repeat this at the second location.  Then from my office will I see 2 separate companies with all the endpoints listed?  All this I will see from the portal that can be located anywhere?

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Hi Phillip,


what you are mentioning is correct. We have several MSPs managing hundreds (or more) different customers. Each customer company with one or more networks to be monitored.


You will only need one single Domotz Agent for each network you want to monitor. All of the network will appear in the "Inventory" view as a different "Site". You can then configure the "Customer" each site belong to, so that you can sort / group by different customers.


On the other hand, the aggregated view, will help you understanding with few clicks on which network there might be issues.


Note that Domotz is not a traditional RMM solution. We do not manage single endpoints. Domotz must be considered a cloud-based Network Monitoring and Management solution: it allows you to remotely monitor and manage the entire network, and check all the different endpoints attached to that network. But to be clear, we are not going to compete with other RMM solution, for instance in the arena of patch-management. Therefore, please consider Domotz as an additional tool on top of your traditional RMM tool (which you use for PC/Windows/Servers) and use Domotz to manage the rest of the network.


On a side note: in two weeks, we are going to add a new tab in the Inventory section, specifically designed to allow MSPs to manage different "Organizations" as customers. Therefore, please stay tuned.


If you have any technical question, do not hesitate to contact directly our support at support@domotz.com 

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