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Maintenance Mode for assets


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I have been tasked with setting a maintenance time period for our customer sites, so that when we have scheduled downtime (patch management, application upgrades, etc), our network monitoring systems are not producing "noise" during these pre-determined periods. We use Domotz for our network monitoring, as well as the KNM module within VSA. I was able to address this within the Kaseya platform, but am not seeing an option to do this within Domotz.


I noticed that there is an ability to snooze alerts within Domotz manually. However, this is not a scalable solution as our company grows and we take on more and more customers. After doing some research, I noticed that there is an option to create custom drivers within Domotz; however, aside from some very basic PowerShell training, I'm still pretty green with scripting. My question is two-fold: 

  1.  do the application developers have a plan in a future release to be able to schedule maintenance windows within Domotz?
  2.  has anyone who has worked with the custom drivers come up with a script for scheduling maintenance windows that they can share?


Any ideas, help, insight, etc would be greatly appreciated..

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Hi Ranjit,


thanks for your input and request. We definitely have in mind this request, to add a scheduled maintenance mode directly within Domotz.


With regard to your second question, instead of looking at the Custom Integration Driver (which is usually used to integrate Domotz with physical devices on the network), please have a look at the Public Cloud API.


As a matter of fact, you can leverage the following APIs to bind/unbind Shared Alerts to Devices and Agents, on a schedule:









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