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UPnP Port Forwarding service IS ENABLED


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   Was wondering if "UPnP Port Forwarding service IS ENABLED", network alert for Asus RT-AX86U wireless router can be safely ignored?

There are no open ports associated with the alert.

All options for port forwarding have been disabled in the router.

After clearing the alert it is rediscovered next security scan.

Have there been other inquiries into UPnP Port Forwarding service IS ENABLED alerts on specific routers that may be useful feedback?

Thank you

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In general, the UPnP Port forwarding within a Gateway should be disabled for security purposes.


As a matter of fact, by keeping that feature enabled, you are allowing any device on the network to "require" a port forward/open ports on your network. For instance, think about a malicious software (e.g. a malware) running on one of the devices on your local network. If UPnP is enabled at the gateway level, that single software would be able to open ports on your Gateway and expose your network to internet.


You can see more info at the following third-party links:








there are much more.


Therefore, if you are not planning to use any software that requires UPnP enabled on the gateway level, our recommendation is to disable it.

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