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Aruba instaon and office connect integration


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Do you guys think you will be creating a aruba device integration sometime soon ? I cannot unlock the aruba switches as aruba though it was a great idea to start phasing out ssh 


Thank you 

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Hello Benh,

Thank you for the post, as it will be useful for the community as well.


We have anaruba integration for a long time now, please review the user guide here: https://help.domotz.com/user-guide/how-to-enable-configuration-management-backup-restore-hp-aruba-os-procurve-provision-and-cx-switchs-hp-access-points-based-on-aruba-os/


Please always feel free to contact support at support@domotz.com at any time and share the Agent in question, so they could check the particular device first hand and that way provide the best assistance possible:

1. Share access to your Agent and confirm it back to us.
2. Indicate the account and Agent name.
3. Indicate the IP address or MAC address of the device.

To share access, go to the Access Management tile and enable the collaboration with our support team (just toggle the switch button).


Best regards! 

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