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Domotz Agent keeps stopping


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I have a brand new Synology NAS and have completely reinstalled DSM to troubleshoot this issue with no resolution. Is there an issue with the current DSM version and the Domotz package? Is anyone else having trouble getting Domotz to run consistently on Synology?


I have a fresh DSM install, have only created the admin user and storage pool then installed the Domotz package. Can't reach port 3000 then note the package states "manually stopped". This implies the service is not running. 

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Hi Elexis,

I am sorry for the troubles, but the Domotz Support Team is always here to help.


As there is no major well known issue with Synology, may I kindly ask you to submit a query to support@domotz.com and share access to that Agent?

In order to provide you with the best support, would you please share access to your Domotz Agent by toggling the support widget located under the Access Management section?

Best regards!

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