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Hi Steve,

I hope your day has been great.

Please note that when executing the export it will generate an excel file, this is due to the chances you want to import the file back into the system, the Domotz platform doesn't recognize the csv format. If you need a csv file you will have to save it as a csv from the downloaded excel file. 

In order to import your Device list via excel file you need to following pre-requisites:


  • Use the Domotz Desktop App
  • Modify a pre-generated export excel file from Domotz and Import it again using the Desktop app.

Please follow the following steps to do so:

1) access your device list

2) click on the Import\Export menu and select export.

A file named like $agent_name_$date.xlsx will be downloaded.

3) Open and modify the download excel file by modifying the editable fields.


4) save the file

5) import it back using the Domotz Desktop App.


Best regards!

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