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Dynamic DNS updater


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A lot of people probably won't have a need for this as they'll have another device to take care of this task already (I know we usually do), but there are a few rare occasions where nothing else is available to update DDNS services with a current IP.


As a little by the by (and this might seem completely senseless to some) but maybe extending the above feature to send a daily email with the current public IP. This would help for devices that have remote management outside of web interfaces.


Keep up the good work!

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Thanks Rudy for this.


Both of the above are in our "wish list" of features to have. However, the list is quite long. But those are something that will definitely come, sooner or later.

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This is a trivial thing to do if you are using a Raspberry Pi. Just install a DynDNS updater.

sudo apt-get install ddclient


I've got this running on all of mine and it works great, even on a double NAT'ed situation.


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I hadn't even thought of doing that.


Still, there are people out there most likely using Domotz on a Raspberry Pi who would want that taken care of through the Domotz app.


In the meantime I've put together my own Python script that drops me an email with a public IP.

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Why waiting so long?

This is neded more than ever, more homes with 2 or 3 WAN and routers gives you 3 dyndns address..

But if Domotz, should be the actual Public IP no mather the ISP (WAN) active.



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