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Feature Requests - Widget and/or Active Background & Tasker


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So I know this is a bit out there but I just wanted to get it written down before I lost the idea. It would be nice if Domotz comes out with an Android Widget that could give you a couple key status points all the time on your phone without opening up the app. Also interesting would be an active (or are they called live) background that is a more expansive version of the same. Taking dashboards to a whole new level. Widgets could be simple but expand up to cover many different things if the user wants to dedicate more tiles to it.

Another item would be Tasker integration. As an automation tool Tasker for Android is hugely useful. I already have it monitor all sorts of things about my aquarium and notify me if anything starts to go astray (and get more adamant the worse it gets) as well as network awareness, data connections, various locations, etc... Some level of integration with Domotz would be excellent because it could allow Tasker much more awareness of a network's situation without you having to set up everything so Tasker can check it directly (or query some device within the network). Doing this as a plugin or such would be wonderful.

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The widget is a very nice idea (and we already took note of that suggestion from you some time ago). At the moment we are focusing on features that can be common on Android and iOS. So can't give priority to this. But definitely to incorporate in our TODO list.

Tasker too is in our mind (and I hope we can implement at some point). In general we want to be open to any kind of integration, including allowing other app to get data from us. And will definitely will be our challenge for 2016.

So thanks for the feature request!

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Love this idea. Just to throw out another use case:

I use ZoneMinder. If my server or one of my cameras drops out, I have a hard time knowing this (unless I get an email with a blue screen image attached). With Domotz integration, when a camera drops off or loses heartbeat, I can turn that specific camera off of motion detection mode automatically, and send out a different alert letting me know that something is wrong with a camera. Once I get further into the Home Automation game (I'm just diving into OpenHAB), this could be even more useful for devices. Speaking of OpenHAB, a binding for integration with that service would also be pretty awesome. 

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