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VLANs and Alerts

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Hi all,


I've just discovered Domotz through looking at the Fing website. It's pretty cool! I have two requests, or maybe they are just things I need help with.


1) The VLAN feature is cool. However, I didn't want to put my device on multiple VLANs. I wanted to leave it on one VLAN, and have it scan multiple subnets. It seems that was not possible, so now I have to have this device hold IPs on two VLANS, which in my opinion makes it less secure.


2) Alerting for new devices! The main reason I wanted a network monitoring tool was to get alerts when new devices were discovered on the network. I only see an option to create alerts for existing devices in Domotz. Am I missing something?


Love the app otherwise!,


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I am glad you like our service, and I hope you will like more and more... since we continue to add functionalities week after week.


With regard to VLANs, the requirement for the Domotz device to have feet on both the subnets is the propagation of some fundamental information required to have it working properly. E.g. the MAC address of a device is a key to recognize it (we can't rely on IPs which might change with the time - e.g. with DHCP in place). Therefore, the Domotz device should sit on both the networks.


With regard to alerting for new devices, I can ensure you that we have that feature in our roadmap, since it has been required by so many users. So it will probably come very soon.


However, we are really struggling to put all the requests one after the other, so I can't tell you now, exactly when that will come.

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