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New install on Qnap TS251 Intel, only detected 4 out of


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I have been using finbox installed on my pc, and noticed the new partnership with Domotz. I liked that fact that I could install the client on my NAS (Qnap TS-251 Intel based).


The domontz app didn't show up in the app store, so installed it manually which worked fine. 


The problem I'm having is that it is very very slow detecting all the devices (doubt that it's working correctly). After 2 hours it detected 2 devices, now after 4 hours it has detected 4 of out 25+ devices. Rebooted the QNAP, didn't make a difference. 


Anybody a suggestion to speed this up?

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Unfortunately, that specific model of QNAP is not the fastest, but if dedicated to Domotz it should be sufficient to cope with the discovery executed by the Domotz Agent.


If you have ssh access to the filesystem, you can try the following to reduce the parallel load of domotz. You just need to adapt the command for the QNAP file-system:


In any case, if you like the Domotz Service, the best would be to have a dedicated device for it, e.g. a cheap Raspberry Pi. 

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Tried that, didn't make a difference. Any other suggestions? (By the way right now found 10 devices...).


About the QNAP, CPU usage is pretty much 0%, the QNapTS 251 has a dual core intel celeron at 2.4 ghz and 8GB of ram in it, so should be a little bit more powerfull than the berry.


Would really like to get this running so I can set my customers up as well. All on QNap's...

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Fixed the issue by changing the MTU size on my NAS to 1500 (was set for 9000).  Devices were picked up instantly.


Giancarlo pushed me in the right direction fixing this issue.

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