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Apple Remote Desktop


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We currently support only Remote Desktop Protocol. We will probably support  VNC in the future (which will enable the support for the default remote desktop server for MACs). However, there are no plans yet.


So, at the moment, the only possibility is to install an RDP server on the Mac, and then select RDP from Remote Connection tab on Domotz.


There are several solution of RDP which should work, but we could not assist with those, given that we do not deliver RDP server software. 


One example of configuration for Mac OSx is here (though it's not a very easy task to have it working):



Another one is iRAPP:



Thought, both of them have not been fully tested, given that they rely on standard Remote Desktop Protocol, it should work.

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At the beginning of September, we introduced the new Remote Connection: "Open a TCP Tunnel".


With the new TCP Tunnel functionality, you can create a simple secure tunnel versus the VNC port of the remote Mac (usually 5900) and then use your local VNC Client to remotely connect to your device, including Mac.

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