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Any explanation as to why the $2.99 translates to £2.99 + VAT.   Was interested in signing up and thought $2.99 a month seemed an ok price (circa £2.00 at current conversion rates) but probably not going to proceed at the cost £29.90 a year + £5.88 vat

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Thank you for your note,

We are working on the geolocalization of our website in order not to generate any confusion amongst our clients. We are still in our early days and have focused all our efforts on software development rather than marketing. Sincere apologies for that – it’s not easy for a relatively new startup to do business in 34 countries.

Prices do differ per location and reflect the different cost of doing business in each location we are present (US, UK and EU). We believe that even at £2.99 +VAT we are a fraction of the cost of any of our competitors and supercheap for a professional monitoring solution which does not limit number of devices or traffic.

As per the VAT, in the UK, we do need to charge VAT and it goes to HMRC not us. US customers are not subject to VAT. Any complaints on this should be directed to the UK government (or the EU) rather than us.  

If you can’t find enough value to justify the UK pricing, we obviously respect that. If it can make you feel any different, we bring new features every two weeks to deliver better value to our customers and we don’t plan to raise our pricing any time soon.


Hope the above helps

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