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Domotz Box Support Forum?


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Now that the Domotz Box is shipping and in use, will you be setting up a support forum for it?  I'm quite happy with my Domotz Box so far, but I do have some questions, like:


  • How can I set up support for multiple VLANs?
  • The Domotz agent shows that there is an SSH interface into the Domotz Box.  How can I use that to manage the box (and what are the default login credentials)?


I'm sure I'll have more as I work with it.




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Thanks for the suggestion.

Just added a forum discussion for it!


About your questions:

- VLAN can be configured from inside the box. You need to ssh to the box and follow the instructions (they are the same for both Domotz PI and Domotz Box)


- to enter with SSH you'd need to get a password. For security reason, we have set the password that to a different value for each box. Please drop an email to support@domotz.com with your email account, our team will give you the password

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This post is obsolete now. VLANs can be configured for the Domotz Box by connecting to Agent WebService (on port 3000), under Network Info tab.


SSH credentials for the Domtoz Box are not provided anymore for the VLAN configuration purposes. As a matter of fact, SSH service is not available anymore on the Domotz Boxes.

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