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Please provide regular release notes


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In the past couple of weeks I have seen my agents update from 1.0.8 to 1.0.9 and now 1.1.0

No release notes listed anywhere.


What exactly is changing in these?

How about at the same time when releasing them that the notes get posted so we know what to expect?



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You are right. We have added the most recent one, in the related section.


The reason sometimes we do not writeevery single change is that our solution is really distributed. And there is a risk of annoying/confusing users Some enhancements are build inside the app only, some others agent-only, many just in our cloud. We always try and keep all of users updated with the best of arts by pushing automatically updates.

In any case we are definitely going to put more regular updates in the the Release Notes section.

Thanks for highlighting the importance of this.




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