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How to clean a domotz ready to move to a new network


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It would be great if we could have instruction on how to remove all the devices from an agent in preparation to move from testing to a different production network. 


I have just attempted this for what I though I could see from the doco and ended up losing my license and having to recreate another user. this would allow us to setup and test in one location and then, after deleting all the records, move it to a different location




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Hi j0nz,

the right procedure is:

- test the agent, check that it scans your network.

- shut down the box

- do the reset from the portal (this will delete all the data)

- activate on the new location


I guess you did the right procedure, but in your very specific case something did not work. You have a ticket open with our support who is going to investigate and let you know..



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Dear Silvio,

To ensure I understand your instructions above, am I correct to assume that no specific steps need to be performed on the physical device hosting the agent itself.  My scenario is in essence identical to j0nz's stated above.  I built my first agent, deployed it on a test network, left it testing for about two weeks, powered it off, went to the portal, clicked "Details", and clicked "Agent Reset".  

Now I'm ready to deploy that very same device on my eleventh (11th) production network, and I just want to confirm that I do not need to uninstall and reinstall the agent software in order to get it working correctly on a new / different network. 


Thanks in advance! 

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We have just added a new feature allowing to do a bulk delete of offline devices. It is in the webapp (will be in the mobile app within few days).


1. Go to the Device list within an agent

2. Select the "Offline" filter.

3. at the bottom a button "Remove offline devices" will appear.


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