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Configure agent with out scanning


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option to configure an agent (domotz box) with out having it scan the site or register any info other than site name

use case: ability to spin up agents at our shop prior to sending to a site


second option would be the ability to add agents specifically the domotz box to a license via the web or app UI, assign a site name, and the box / agent would self configure when deployed on a site

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Hi eti,


The domotz box, when activated for the first time, automatically gets associated to a non-used licence. No need to do any association agent vs licence. It automatically start the scanning and configure itself. You only need to do the activation (login + assign a neme). 


If you want to try the box before going on a site I suggest:

- to activate the agent, check that it scans your network (I think that is important to real check that everything works)

- turn the box off

- do the reset from the domotz portal (this will cleanup all the data)

- when on the site you can just turn on and reactivate.  You can also use a different name (either during activation, but also you can change the name at any time from the portal)


Please let me know if this works for you or if you have something different i mind, We constantly look at trying to simplify the proceess.

Thank you

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The ability to do a cloud based configuration would be great. Say I have 5 Domotz Box devices, and want to get them configured before going on site. Or even have the units delivered directly to the site. By having the ability to pre-assign a license, and giving that license/unit IP info it should be using, etc. Or the ability to upload a config. This would also work for setting up vlans, as you could parse the uploaded file for different things, and place those items into their proper config files.

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