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Request: Log of alerts that have been sent

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It would be great if there was a log of all the alerts that have been sent/generated that you could go back over and look at... and also the Network speeds tests run, route analysis etc


Bonus points if you have a way to acknowledge them, with the person who acknowledged it. A simple flag would be enough and would prove to be useful in my opinion.

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Thanks for the suggestions, 

Everything you mention is in our todo list and ww will be delivering over the next few months. Please note that, for the speed test, we already keep track of all the resutls and visualise all the testing points (the history is limited from the android and iphone app, but if you go to the webapp you can see all the details for each testing point).


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There are a lot of things in the forum that are in the "future version" list, which is great to see that there is a plan going forward and domotz will continue to offer more features... as with all users I am keen to know a couple of things...


1. What is in the list and what order they will get added.

2. When will each feature be released


So I know that 1 is hard and 2 is very hard but some guidance on what you are working on for the next release and estimated dates would be great and certainly give us a better idea on when critical features for us as going to be released. 


But keep up the good work! 

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