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Not finding more than 5 devices


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I just installed the agent on my Synology DS 415+ (DSM 6.x) and it scanned and found itself (2 ports), and 2 digital loggers web switches. Nothing else. There are over 40+ devices on one network. Any ideas?


Doesn't seem to be any place to force another scan.


On another note - the speedtest indicates i'm getting about 26 down. ON any other local device I get around 160. Why the discrep?

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Seems like it's working. All devices showed up after about an hour. Guess I was impatient. 



On the speedtest: it seems to perform speed tests in its own. That's great. But no interval settings. The test numbers in getting back are extremely low for my real bandwidth. You think this is the Synology 415+ having issues?

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