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Binding to the wlan interface rather than the eth0 interface

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I know that the raspberry pi 3 is not officially supported as a domotz device but here goes anyway.... My domotz install has bound to the wifi interface rather than the ethernet interface, as a result I get slow network test speeds (internet connection 100 Mbs) because of the slower wifi (~20 Mbs). Is there any way to force (or change) the interface that Domotz has bound to?



I have tried..... 

  • Disabling the wifi in the house and un installing and reinstalling domotz
  • Removing the wifi password from the pi and rebooting


but no change.... Any ideas?


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Couple things that might impact it:

The Domotz agent links it's license to the mac address if I recall. So if that license is already in use, you would need to get it changed (or another).

With a new license (or the existing one reset) I would say something to try is to disable the WiFi device (remove it as a possible device even) before installing the agent. Maybe something like what they mention here:


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