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Moving to new agent server


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I am testing the trial thru my Synology and want to buy the dedicated Domotz box and want to know the procedure for moving to the new hardware without having to start over.



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When you get the new hardware you can simply reset your agent (switch the synology app off, then there is a Reset option in the portal). After that you can activate the box and it will automatically consume the existing licence.

Please be aware that the reset operation cleanup all the data.

If you instead would like to move also the data of your existing configuration, this is something that can be done by our support team. Just contact them when you get the box and they will be able to help

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I cannot find any links to contact support. I got the new box. Have not found this "reset" option in the portal. Cannot activate new box. And want to migrate my data. Please advise. New box and can't use it. 

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the address to contact support is indicated in the sheet of instructions included in the box.


Agent Reset button

Please note this will remove all your data and allow you to start with a fresh new installation with the box. 

If you want to use this you need to

1. disconnect the current agent. In your case (turn the synology domotz app off)

2- go to the user portal, under the Licences-->Details

3- install the box by following the steps indicated in the sheet with the instructions

More details in the user guide at https://www.domotz.com/knowledge-base/


But please remind, the reset operation will cleanup all the data. If, instead you want to copy your old data into the new box, this is not a trivial/simple task, but you can contact support who can do this.




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We have just added a new feature allowing to do a bulk delete of offline devices. It is in the webapp (will be in the mobile app within few days).


1. Go to the Device list within an agent

2. Select the "Offline" filter.

3. at the bottom a button "Remove offline devices" will appear.

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