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APC config tab issues

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I have 3 APC PDUs, and I'm having issues w/ 2 of the 3. I have 2 AP7932, and an AP7801. All 3 use the same login, and only 1 of the AP7932 appears to login properly. The 7801 says "Smart plug firmware version not supported." Granted this is an unmanaged PDU. As for the AP7932. The outlet names do not get properly parsed, so you don't have any idea as to which port it is. Even when clicking on the port to turn it on/off, it doesn't always display the outlet name. The on/off toggles, are incorrectly reported as off. I have all 24 outlets on by default, and there are multiple being reported as off. When I attempt to toggle their port on/off, I get an error saying it timed out. See attached images for further detail. Images are taken from the 1 AP7932 that is not giving me login error emails from the PDU.

APC AP7932 Config tab.JPG

APC AP7932 on-off.JPG

APC AP7932 on-off-timeout.JPG

APC AP7932 outlet 2.JPG

APC AP7932 outlet name.JPG

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Neither of the AP7932s allow me to control the outlets. I keep getting emails from APU-0U-1, saying failed login attempt. But nothing from APU-0U-2. These are the names of my 2 AP7932 PDUs


Agent Version 1.1.2

Using Web App.

running on rPi3.

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I figured out the emails are related to snap community string. As I have a none default string set. Is there a way for me to specify the community string ?

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Hi Will, I think you are already in contact with our support team. Our developers are investigating.

Looks like these models behave differently from the models we know.

We have tested on a few of the Switched Rack PDUs  on their website:



But it looks like your models are different. Btw our team is on the case and you will receive updates from support via emails 

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