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Name Discovery Priority


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DUT: ReadyNAS RN516, ReadyNASOS 6.2.4, domotz 0.9.2-1 

Appears the detected device names are derived form various discovery system, plus DNS. 

In an environment with deployed DNS - we have done our homework naming the devices already - it's a little bit strange to find that some devices or appliances show up under (sometimes non-modify-able) names ie. derived from Bonjour - while others are derived from reverse IPv4 lookups, leading to the result expected.

See these CN55xxxxxx whihc are HP WLAN AP Serial numbers - not changeable in the appliance - and not very useful for us.

Granted - when clicking on the name, both names show up under the device name ... however _only_ for the first time. Any time later, only the first name is kept automatically - this might be an App issue then.







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Hi Kurt,

yes we try to default to the best name we can find according to some priorities in case more than one is detected. If nothing is found (like in so many homes) the MAC address is shown. 

What is very important to remark is that the "name" is a fully editable/customisable field where you can put anything you like to identify a device: 

- At the discovery we pick-up what be believe is the best name and put as a label upfront. The meaning is: this is the name we propose but we haven't assigned any specific name

- If you tap to edit that one, you will see that the name box is empty, like in your screeshoot,  and we just propose the shortlist the possible names we have detected.

- If you pick-up one of the proposed names and save (or if you type in any other string you like) then the name is assigned to the device.  After a name has been saved, if you go and edit again, you will see the previously assigned name and you can change as you like, but we do not make suggestions again.

Hope this clarifies.




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