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Not finding devices


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Hi Bincon,


please contact our support team via email, providing additional details about this issue:


- User account (email)

- Agent Name

- Devices/servers not discovered


and a few information about the topology of the network supposed to be scanned and monitored.


We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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Without giving away the ingredients to your special sauce so to say I do wonder as to any hints you can give us in things that would let our network design assist Domotz in performing its duties. I havent taken the time to wireshark the service on the lan yet but assume its running a general scan of ports but personally as we use PfSense router/firewalls (the router of the gods) and have incredibly detailed control over our traffic, such items as knowing if there are specific ports the agent requires open at the agent so that we can such down all other ports (i.e. these are guesses - needs 20-30, 80,8000-9000) for instance also what flags or formats to allow UDP/TCP flags or fragments allowed or necessary. 

Why post this here, Im assuming his servers security settings causing it to discard the DOMOTZ pings and probes so as we(Me and the mouse in my pocket) tighten down the traffic settings in our network its nice to know what to leave open without trial and error however if that reveals to much I understand.

BUT this just popped in my head-

occasionally will get a error when using the remote connect feature that says to open ports listed in service manual but cant find any references in the manual Im assuming they referencing allowing certain ports to listen on the wan for remote connects or possibly a heartbeat keep-alive to exit the wan so it has an open state entry allowing the creation of the VPN. No rush but any enlightenment in this area is appreciated.


Domotz is well worth the investment - Rivals services that are cost prohibitive to most net admins and has incredible potential for growth-If your reading this give it a shot you wont regret it. I am NOT affiliated with Domotz nor am I compensated for my statements-



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IJoe, good point. I was going to prepare the ingredients for this :)


However, with regard to Bincon issue, basically here the issue is quite different. Just to let you know that at the moment the automatic discovery performed by Domotz Agent is MAC address based. Therefore, if you connect VPN clients to your network, with an L3 VPN, just the IP address of the new client device is visible on the network, and not the MAC address. Therefore, these new devices are not visible on the Domotz device list.


We will work in the future to have the possibility to add custom devices through their IP addresses, which will mitigate this limit.

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I also have problems detecting an important device: my switch, a DLINK DGS-1100-16 managed device. All settings are on default, no VLANs or trunks defined.

Any suggestion what I should try? I really miss an option to add devices manually and let the agent to analyze them.



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