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Site Agent Location - Feature Enhancement Request


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I have just setup a Raspberry Pi for the first time.  So far so good....

I noticed on the Site Details page the location of the Site Agent can be specified.  However, I live in a rural country location and all the options are tagged to a civic street address so it is appears that the best I can do is specify my local town which is 5  miles away.  It would be wonderful to be able to specify a GPS location.

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Yes the initial location is set by default according to geoIP. Nevetheles you can adjust it from the app. 

Please try putting the address in Customer management -> Info -> Agent Location

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Adjusting the location in the app is only effective if you can post a street address. In my case and in scenarios where equipment is located in rural areas there is no street address. Being able to enter something other than a street address would be helpful. Legal land description is one way or the better option would be able to enter a GPS location. 

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