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The Domotz Pro User Guide v1.0 (a 59 page PDF on the Domotoz web site) contains the first screen shot below, which shows a custom connection type of VNC. The second screen shot below is the actual custom connections screen shot from a Mac Pro on my network. There is no VNC option.  Does the presence of VNC in the user guide suggest it's about to be released, or is there any update on the timing of that feature?



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VNC is not yet supported as Remote Connection. It requires a lot of intensive work to support each new protocol.


Though, we have VNC in our roadmap, but, realistically, at the moment it's not very close to be delivered. We will do our best to include it as soon as we have more bandwidth with cope with multiple requests.


Meanwhile, thanks for your patience.

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Although difficult, VNC support would immediately provide remote access for all *nix systems,. all windows systems (no just "pro" versions that have RDP), and all Macs.  Quite a lot of "bang for the buck" in terms of reward for resource investment.


A longer-term option might be to partner with TeamViewer or other multi-platform remote control solution and embed their protocol, but I assume that would be even more work than supporting VNC?

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