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Multi Subnet Support or Specific IP Monitoring


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Hi, i have multiple subnets in my house - how can I add another subnet for Domotz to monitor? Additionally (or alternatively), I would like to be able to monitor  certain manually input IPs - such as to monitor internet performance. Would also love to see a smokeping like graph so that i could better visualize issues.



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You have the internet speed test as well as route analysis that includes google as a default option.


I would like to be able to manually enter an IP to monitor/access modems that are in bridge mode and don't have an IP in the LAN's subnet.

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No, this would be multiple routed subnets, not VLANs. 


Also, those speed tests do not provide enough info.. E.g.

- No availability info (up or down)

- Latency

- Jitter



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The box you have Domotz installed on has to have an IP in the subnet you wish to monitor, there are some threads going into more detail.

Do you want to monitor an external address to see if it's up or if Domotz can see the internet? Domotz did start monitoring the connection to the WAN so you can get notifications for that. The route analysis will give you latency and there was a recent post saying there will be some upgrades to include jitter and regular route tests instead of on demand.


I think everything you've mentioned is on the roadmap, just not sure where. It has to be a loooooong list!

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I too am having the same issue...having now exchanged close to a dozen emails with domotz staff...

Here's my problem...this device/software is seemingly capable of scanning whichever subnet it's part of...
but this isn't quite true... it's artificially limited to an /24 (aka class C network), even when the device (in my case a Debian VM running Domotz), is connected to a classless /22 network.

I've tried the VLAN "trick" (but I don't have a managed switch that can do VLANs).
I've tried virtual NICs on the domotz box (but it's not recognizing they exist).

For a product purportedly marketed at IT Professionals, the fact their software won't pull the subnet information from the NIC is disconcerting.

I've been told, that this is for "performance" reasons...but the product it is replacing, fingbox, and the associated fing sentinels does this just fine... without configuration.

I'm getting to my wits end with this, and am very much ready to give up the ghost on this product and look for something else...


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