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Support for Control4 Zigbee devices (Beta)

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Just got a couple of my sites up. The zigbee isn't a tab like SNMP, Control, etc... It's on the main screen with the site overview. 

I entered a password and it said it was incorrect. It didn't let me re-enter it but all the zigbee devices showed up 15-20 minutes later.


Now, I'm hoping to eventually be able to monitor a drivers connection status!!

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@hdsystems It's OK, I was using the correct password, Domotz just reported it was wrong, but the devices appeared some time later.

I have found that not every project which has a control4 system with zigbee devices shows the Zigbee tab yet. Otherwise seems to work quite well.

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No luck here with Control4 and zigbee monitoring, we do have a relatively large network ( 160+ LAN devices , 8 managed switches ) with multiple VLANS. I can see zigbee tab and my Controller when I click on it, as stated above standard Control4 password is rejected and there are no devices shown on my zigbee tab. We are using Domotz Box which otherwise works extremely well .

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Please make sure you enter the correct root access password of control4. 

If you have never changed, it might just be the default one. I can't be sure what is the default in all cases, but pls try google searh for "root access control4".

If you keep finding issues good to check with domotz support directly.

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