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This change log covers what's changed in Domotz Pro service since previous Release Notes. These changes include Domotz Pro cloud APIs, Domotz Agent and Domotz Pro App.

Since previous Release Notes new versions of Domotz Agent and Domotz Pro App have been released. 

In order to fully exploit the new features, functionalities and bug fixes released, please make sure you have installed the latest version of:

  • Domotz Pro Mobile App: check on Apple Store or Google Play. Latest version as of today is 1.2.4

  • Domotz Agent: check on Domotz Portal under the license tab. Latest version as per today is 1.1.5

Domotz Pro WebApp is already updated to the latest version.

July 28th, 2016

Domotz Pro App: 1.2.4 - Domotz Agent: 1.1.5

 New Features:

·        Wake-on-LAN support

·        Automatic Wake-on-LAN Support

·        Monthly Agent report generation (Beta)

·        Zigbee Diagnostics via Control 4 (Beta). Only available for users having 5+ licences

·        TUI tool to assist with network interface configuration - User Guide available upon request

·        Reboot button on Device Manager

·        Field Operator user type: Team masters can now create this new type of user. By default these users can only access the Agents they install. Team masters can then add/remove visibility for specific Agents.

·        ‘Zone’ field added to Device Details

Improvements and fixes:

·        Improved speed test execution and reliability

·        Other minor fixes

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