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Custom alert (maybe via http)


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The idea is to implement a different alerting method based on custom http call.


For example I can setup an alert to call an external service to send me SMS so I will be sure that I can receive the alert even if i'm out of data coverage (for example if you're outside you country with data roaming switched off).



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I would suggest to use a mail2sms service.


1. open an account at a mail2sms service provider of your choice (usually you will get an mailadress like [your_mobile_phone_number]@sms-service-provider.[TLD]. 

2. Use this pseudo-mailaddress to open up a domotz account and add this Account to you domotz Team. 

3. Login to the domotz WebApp with this "mobile message mail" and configure you alerts




Some mobile providers offer mails like [your_mobile_phone_number]@vodafone.de f.e. BUT receiving mails this way may cause additional costs.

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