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Route Analyzer - Wrong Assumptions


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DUT: ReadyNAS RN516, ReadyNASOS 6.2.4, domotz 0.9.2-1

Appears the agent is designed and/or coded using wrong assumptions - the second hop in the traceroute does not have the be the ISP ... here it is yet another local router:


Domotz 0.9.2-1 Route Analyzer - wring assumptions.PNG

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Thanks Kurt,

yes this is something we were aware. We haven't put yet the logic to detect all the internal hops and just made something working in a large percentage of homes. Definitely we must fix this and it's already in our backlog.


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relating to route assumptions, would it be possible for domotz to detect dual WAN? In home use there are some users with dual WAN or multi WAN. This would also go well in tandem of detecting multiple networks as some do have multiple networks such as the management network which network admins secure and use to configure devices but that do not have internet access.

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