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Heartbeat recovered alert,


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It would be great to have a heartbeat recovered alert to go with the existing heartbeat lost alert.


At the moment domotz alerts when a devices heartbeat is lost but not on recovery.




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At the moment, HB lost is a single event. If for two minutes, the HB is not recovered, you can get a second event notification (device DOWN). So, only after these two minutes, if the HB is recovered you can get the device UP event notification.


So far, I would put the three alerts configured, so that:

- in case the HB is lost for more then 2 minutes, you receive:

    - HB Lost

    - DOWN

    - UP


- in case the HB is lost for less then 2 minutes, you just receive:

     - HB Lost


We will change this approach in the future, so that you can also receive the HB Recovered event (independently from the UP/DOWN device event), but it will require some work. Stay tuned. 

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