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More customisation of PerfSonar testing?


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It's really great that the PerfSonar tests are incorporated into this tool - very nice feature.


However, since we have quite specific requirements it would be great to be able to customise this aspect of the system.



  • We would like to know the details of what the current tests do?
  • We would like to be able to turn OFF the automatic tests. In some cases we may be using the link for broadcast critical purposes and don't want any extra bandwidth usage on the outgoing link. Being able to set a particular agent to ONLY do manual speed tests would be great.
  • We would like to customise the test payload - in particular we are interested in UDP packet streaming as well as TCP. We would love to be able to do UDP stream testing at specific datarates and port numbers to prove out a network connection.


I know this is getting very specific but in this world of streaming video etc. knowing that your WAN connection isn't coping with a UDP video stream is useful for more than just our application.

Thanks again.


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