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pi stuck on install "running " message


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hi, trying to install the Domotz package on my Pi 2 rev B

the package looks like it installs, then asks for Authentication..

then i get a box showing the message "running " and an option to cancel or close at the bottom..

but thats as far as i get... nothing more after over 30 mins..


am i not waiting long enough ? or did something go wrong ?

if i'm installed correctly, what should i see ? or where would the app be ?



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you can check the status of the devices discovered by using the Domotz PRO App (available on Apple Store for iOS and Play Store for Android) or through the WebApp:




Just use the same account you used to autenticate the Domotz Agent (package you installed on the Pi 2).


In any case, it seems that the Agent has not been configured correctly on your Raspberry Pi. Can you confirm which version of Raspbian are you using? Eventually, is it possible to delete the package and try to install it again ?

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