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Stats changes redux


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I'm still not happy with the volume of status changes I'm getting. 


For one. The number is supposed to be a 24 hour thing. Yet when I look at the history tab it goes back weeks. The stAtus change number does not reflect history. 


Also, one cannot reset the status change history. I just changed out one of my main switches and wanted a fresh start on the domotz. But I cannot. 


Miss an example. My APX shows hundreds of stats changes.   the history log there are only 2 in last 24 hours. But on the info tab it shows last change 2 months ago and 819 in last 24 hours


also in the history there's a heartbeat lost for next year. 



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Dear Ravedog, thanks for your feedback. This are very useful to further improve the quality of the Domotz Service.


In your case, I suspect that when devices are connected/disconnected to/from the Airport, the system triggers a new count for the status change, even though the Airport itself do not change the status itself.


With regard to the date in the future, can you please confirm where the Domotz Agent is installed on? Is that a Raspberry Pi or NAS? Usually this happens when the date is not correctly set on the device hosting the Domotz Agent.


In any case, we are in the process of changing the logic and mechanism behind both of the above two scenarios, so that this should not happen anymore. However it will require some time to put that in production. Meanwhile I thank you for your patience.

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Domotz box. 


It it would be great to flush the history. I made a fundamental change to the network topology and want to start with better stats


also. I'm still not understanding the status change number and how it correlates to the history. 


The history for 1 device showed only one change but the counter for status changes in last 24 hours shows many. I think there are problems with the data. 

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