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Agent Error Messaging - Offline


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So... I finally got a chance to do a little more in-depth checks and when I startup the App I get the following message: "The agent went Offline 2 days ago."

This strikes me as a touch cryptic. Is it meant to say:
1) "The agent has been offline for 2 days." (major problem)

2) "The agent went offline 2 days ago but is running now." (problem you should look into but not major)

Considering the fact that none of the statuses are more recent then 2 days, I think it is the first. Maybe it should be rephrased. This would appear to coincide with when we had a power failure. However... My BACKUP Domotz agent is running just fine. So something about PRIMARY is problematic. I will attempt to reboot it.

Reboot does not appear to have worked. The agent still registers as offline. Looking further into the network... It shows as Offline, despite the reboot. I am going to have to look into the RasPi itself...In any case, the topic was about the status message displayed being a touch off for what it meant (IMO).

So looking into the RasPi I need to completely recreate it. The file system was corrupted and read-only so a whole bunch of things were having trouble and it could not fully boot. Not sure why that would have happened due to a power failure. As it goes through it does mention starting domotz but has errors with bunch of lines trying to write to a log, but everything is read-only.

This RasPi was being powered directly from my router which is on a backup battery... So it actually should not have been affected by  the power failure (the router was unaffected, uptime >23 days).

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Thanks for the feedback, it's been passed on to the software team to make sure this is more clearly pointed out as being an issue that requires some kind of user action on the Agent side.

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As a note... My primary Domotz agent appears to be out of commission. Not exactly sure what went wrong but I am going to see if I have a spare microSD to see if I can recover it this weekend. Good thing I put that backup in place.

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