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Status/History of Agent doesn't match alerts


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Last night, one of our client's had a power cut, and hence the Agent was offline. I received an alert email as expected. When power was restored, I received an Up email as expected. When clicking on the agent in the app, it shows that it has had 0 status changes in the last 24hours and 2months of uptime. There's nothing in the history. Is this correct?

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Hi InstallerSteve, thanks for pointing this out.


Just to give you with an overview of the Agent disconnection monitoring.


The history of disconnections (available within Network->Downtime tab) is triggered from the Agent perspective as opposed to the Alert for disconnection, which is triggered by the Cloud perspective. This has been designed to guarantee a double-check (proof) when Network Disconnections occurs, and also to guarantee that you receive an Alert if there is a power outage or generally a Network Disconnection as soon as it occurs.


Basically, Domotz perform checks from both the sides:

- from the Cloud: if the cloud does not receive heartbeats from an Agent it triggers the Alert 

- from the Agent: the agent continuously check the status of the Network. If it goes down, as soon as it comes back online it sends a notification to the cloud with the period it was offline. This downtime period goes in the Network->Downtime tab of the Agent Dashboard.


Therefore, with the current architecture (which guarantee the possibility of having a double check on the Network downtime), there is a limitation: in the case of a power outage (or equivalently if you shut-down the agent), you will receive an alert (if you set it up, of course), but you won't see the downtime window in the history.


We might change this logic in the future (e.g. populating the Downtime history also from the Cloud perspective), but at the moment this is the only way to guarantee the possibility a double check.


Hope this helps.

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