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I see that Guacamole is used for SSH connections, though it doesn't pull up the keyboard in IOS (see attached). Tapping does nothing


Also, any plans to further the use of Guacamole? It's a very powerful system and would add things like VNC to make Dobotz a true all in one remote system


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With regard to the Keyboard for iOS devices, there is a trick to show it:


Swipe left to right on the top of the screen for clipboard and keyboard options.

There's demo'd here (even though quite old, with old graphics): 



We discussed it here:


With regard to VNC, that is on Domotz's backlog of features to include. Though, it is not very close in the future. Stay tuned.

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VNC is supported by Guacamole but it requires a further customization. It's in our backlog but honestly I don't think it will be delivered in the next two months. 
Probably within the end of the year.

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