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WOL While Online


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So WOL for Mac computers is basically broken (thanks Apple)

The Bonjour features seem to keep the network cards alive and replying to pings even while the OS is sleeping (Remote Desktop unavail, etc)

The issue with this is that Domotz is constantly getting ping heartbeats so it believes the Macs are still online, thus WOL feature of Domotz is unavail.


I would like to ask that WOL feature be available all the time, not just when Domotz believes that a device is offline. This would solve this issue, and save me time from SShing into Raspbian to send a wakeonlan

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I thought about that but one of the first things I do on new machines is turn off a lot of crap, power nap included. This is a faux server so no need for it. I'll have to double check tomorrow, thanks

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Still having issues with this. Even with Power Nap off, a sleeping mac pro does not appear 'offline' to Domotz, So WOL is not available. I request that the WOL option be available, no matter what Domotz thinks is the device state

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Hi Tyler,


why do you need  WOL for your Mac? This Bonjour service is a wonderful thing ( if it works)

you can easy access your Mac because it shows online to all other diveses. And the Mac wake up automatically if you access.


but I think there is a way do disable WOD (wake on demand) in preferences.plist but I don't recommend this.



but I think there is a way do disable WOD (wake on demand) in Energy Saver preferences ( Wake for network access). So Wake on Lan should work.


More info




But I think you are right. Send WOL should work, even the device looks online.

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So while Mac is 'sleeping', it appears online to Domotz, but offline to all of my remote acess (desktop, file access, etc) which means I can't access it. I don't have any other bonjour devices on the network so using sleep proxy is out

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Can I add to this discussion please?


I don't believe this is just a Mac issue. I have an Intel NUC PC running Windows 10, which when I put it in sleep mode still looks online to Domotz - and therefore I can't wake it because the WOL button is greyed out.


I have done some investigation.


When the PC is in sleep, it does not return IP pings, but Domotz thinks it is still online. I presume that Domotz is doing a heartbeat check of the card at the MAC address level, and sleeping PC (and Mac) is passing this check.


It seems there are three device states - powered off (you can't wake it), sleeping (you can wake it) and online. And Domotz can't identify the sleeping state for (new) PC and Mac?


Would it be possible to modify the heartbeat check for PCs and Macs so they appear offline when they are sleeping?



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To come back to this discussion, from my perspective my issue has gone away. So when my PC is sleeping, Domotz treats it as offline and the "Wake Up Now" button makes it wake up (as expected). I guess something was changed in Domotz.




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I've got exactly same problem like guiri had.

Windows 10/ 1709/16299.309 on MSI MS-7976 with Killer E2400 Gigaabit Ethernet Controller.

Setting ass follow:


  Resume by PCI-E Device Enable as there is no Resume by LAN option.

  EuP 2013 disabled.


  E2400 Gigaabit Ethernet Controller


       Wake on Magic Packet: checked

       Wake on patter match:  checked

    Power Management:

       Allow this device to wake up computer: checked

       Only allow a magic packet to wake this computer: checked

  Power Options: 

     Turn on Fast Startup: not checked



Computer is in sleep mode

Domotz shows device is online

WoL packet from other app wakes it up correctly.


Any idea whats wrong?






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