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Zigbee Device naming


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I know the zigbee device monitoring is still very much in beta phase - how long until we can start naming or adding info for individual devices similar to how you'd give a name and location to normal network devices?


I'm using the zigbee at two sites currently where we have control4 zigbee remote controls and I can sit there and match up the physical address and figure out which one has low battery or is disconnected,etc. but being able to add a name would obviously speed up this process.


To add to that, what about being able to set alerts when the battery level gets to a set threshold?

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Room names

In the current implementation, we only get and display device names and room names as we get via snmp from the C4 controller. These are displayed like in the picture below,

The idea was to just get everything in the same way it had been set-up by the installer via the composer, to avoid confusion and unnecessary double levels of naming.


Now I understand that this information may not be detected in all cases. How common is this? 





in the next few months we will be working at a more powerful mechanisms for data, not only for zigbee data, but also for snmp OIDs. I hope we can release something toward Christmas time....


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Automatic naming is perfect - maybe it just takes a little time for everything to update and filter through as needed, because I've checked one of our sites this morning and the Control4 remote has the correct name and location where previously it was only displaying the ID.


Scrapping the first part of my feature request - how about that battery level alert?



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yes the whole set of improved alerts will be something we will be focusing our dev team during October/November. This will include:

- SNMP OID-based checks/alerts

- Zigbee-related alerts

- possibility of having more powerful/customisable alerts (e.g. alert me if a given device has been OFF for X hours).

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