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Plex alert is sensational :-)


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Thank you! Plex alerts work beautifully!!!

I have an "Asustor" NAS which is a very popular brand in this part of the world, and I run a couple of Apps on it, Plex and a Security Surveillance App. Plex is a bit unreliable.

This was so simple I had to write about it and tell others.

In the Portal, simply navigate to Alerts > Devices > select the NAS > select the custom button

Screenshot 2016-09-10 01.23.14.png


I then created a custom email alert on port 32400 (the default port for Plex).

Screenshot 2016-09-10 01.24.18.png


Then whenever my kid crashes Plex (for example by trying to watch the Simpsons simultaneously on say 4 screens), my little NAS only has a little Intel® ATOM™ 1.6GHz Dual-Core Processor and cannot handle that much work ...

Screenshot 2016-09-10 01.21.54.png


A Domotz alert is then sent by email 

Screenshot 2016-09-10 01.40.06.png


Could not be easier!  Well done.


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