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static IP and TUI (Text User Interface)


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I have downloaded the Agent to a Raspberry Pi and the system is working well with a dynamically-assigned IP address.  I want to change to a static IP address.  Will you please provide information on how to obtain the TUI and instructions for using it to set a static IP?



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Hello, I am a newbie and this might be a bum steer but I don't think you can do that on a Raspberry Pi <?>. I got my Pi working a couple of days ago. It was easy. Followed the Domotz instructions exactly and it happened without a glitch. But I had to go back to my router to set static IP addresses (which I did). I changed a few in the process. Don't forget to reboot everything (router, Pi and the target devices) and then you are in business. I found that the Domotz Pi agent picked up the new IP addresses very quickly. Interesting it says that both the Pi's WiFi and ethernet / LAN MAC addresses are active. Most other devices the WiFi goes silent when connected to an ethernet cable but not the Pi.

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