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Feedback on Install Instructions


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First off... Congrats on the instructions my install went without any problems.

Now for feedback:

1) I would recommend breaking the NAS and Raspberry Pi pages sections into separate pages. It will be cleaner, smaller, and it is unlikely people would use both at the same time.

2) Recommend stating that this is for installing on a Raspberry Pi 2 Model B in the overview. If it is compatible with future models great it can be expanded. But for now I would be specific.

3) Section 2.1 is fairly wordy and for the most part unnecessary. I would recommend condensing it and then linking to the Raspberry Pi instructions themselves. None of this is specific to Domotz. Some is not ENTIRELY accurate (it needs a MicroUSB for power, network cable is NOT required but a network connection IS - mine is wireless), etc... Leave that for the user.

4) Section 2.2, 1st line "You're not at the point..." the not should be replaced with "now".

5) Section 2.2, 2nd sentence, remove the "easiest way" and mention of the cable. Just leave it as attaching it to the network (assuming it was not already). Which if they followed any normal RaspPi setup it would be on the network (to do updates if nothing else).

6) Section 2.2, 2nd paragraph, 2nd sentence, you could just say open a terminal window. By default Raspbian has a shortcut for it right in the toolbar.

7) The Domotz installer ends with instructions on how to start the service. They DO NOT MATCH the instructions in 2.2. I would recommend they match or just state to follow the ones the installer says. Specifically it said to "sudo service domotz start". This worked just fine. I have even since shutdown the RaspPi, moved it, and powered it on again and the service is running fine.

8) If you are setting this all up on your RaspPi then section 2.3 could be substantially off. I was using my RaspPi and the built in browser. There is no need to go to another computer (this adds extra steps and complication). Rather from the built in browser on your RaspPi go to the address: The loopback will work with it just fine. Since the app is cloud-based you do not even need to know the IP of the RaspPi. Domotz will be able to tell it to you anyways.

9) Section 2.3, general, scanning my network was incredibly speedy. On the order of <1 minute. I had the app installed and running a couple minutes later and it populated with everything I expected. No specific surprises yet.

10) General - Looking forward to more capabilities in the device webpage. As well as a self-signed HTTPS version of it for security purposes.

11) General - Hopefully the "Was this helpful?" piece after each section is going to go away in the future. Too annoying/cutesy for my preference.

12) General - The table of contents on the right side of the page does not scroll with the page well. It stays at the top right for a bit but then quickly shifts up where it cannot be seen/clicked until you scroll up again (which defeats the purpose).

13) General - The overall sections are a little too wordy. Specific, distinct steps of approximately 1-4 lines (at most) are better. Additional detail can be given but could be shrunk and as notes below the steps. Only if it is TRULY needed should people have to read it. I know, RTFM can help, but these are pretty basic and really do not add a huge amount of value to the install experience.

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Keep in mind that the instructions were written with someone in mind that has never used a Raspberry Pi before and I simply wanted to try and include as much details as possible to get people unfamiliar with the platform up and running.

We're still working on the layout of the knowledge base and we might very well split things up further as we move forward.

It's all still a work in progress and you have some good points that we'll have to discuss in terms of the whole setup process.

Typo's are fixed ;)


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I can understand making it as simple as possible... but I think you are misjudging the audience on this one. If someone has never used a RasPi... are they likely to buy one and use it only for the Domotz Agent?

Put the agent on a second RasPi tonight... Everything went smoothly until I got to the license stage and it said "You do not have any licence available." Oh well. Other than the odd grammar (might be better to be "You do not have a license available." Singular) I guess this means I will not be trying to see how two Domotz agents on the same network play. I figured one as primary and one as backup to "mess" with more. 

Oh, one thing I did notice and was able to just validate.

The Epiphany Web Browser (built into the RasPi desktop) is pretty basic. As such it has trouble with the Domotz.com site as well as the login window for the Agent. The Domotz.com site appears very "stretched" vertically and it does not handle the nice modern features you folks have built in.

On the Agent login page, the Email and Password labels in the fields do not go away when you start to type. Therefore they overlay the text and make the first few letters tough to see. They also do not line up real well with the button below the Login fields. While I know you recommended using a PC to do it (and a modern browser does not have these issues) people WILL use Epiphany. So MAYBE you might want to simplify the HTML on that page. It is not like it shows all that much at the moment, or is that fancy.

Yes, if you want to make the WUI do more in the future that might be a bit of a problem... but maybe make one that can handle "lower" browsers. Just a thought.

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Yeah, we noticed the issues with the built in Raspberry Pi browser, hence the instructions to use your PC to access the Domotz Agent. I know this might seem a bit counter intuitive to you, but as of right now, it's the way things have been done. I'll talk to the software team and see if we can do a simpler version of the installer that will work with the built in browser.

As for the other issue, I'm trying to figure out what's going on, since as far as I'm aware, there shouldn't be any limitations as to how many Agents you connect to.

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No, I can understand the logic behind it. It does not make a lot of sense to put a lot of effort into a page that would be used ONCE at most when that same effort could actually make it more difficult to be used from a normal browser. Besides they may eventually upgrade Epiphany and I could probably install an alternative anyways.

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