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Comparison - Raspberry Pi 2 & 3


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Have put some effort into trying to determine why I am getting so many network "Ooops" errors when I do a speed test, so apart from completely reinstalling the Pi (numerous) times with slightly different configurations and personalisation (keyboard, WiFi location etc), I have also done a side-by-side comparison of the performance of a Pi 2 versus a Pi 3.


Here it is. The Pi 2 is on the left, the Pi 3 on the right.

I created a separate "Trial" account and had both Agents running on the same network at the same time. Some personal detail has been obscured. Both devices find the same devices, both report the same network performance. Both behave in exactly the same way. There is no real difference in browsing performance except in a couple of areas.


Dashboard page look identical and behave the same way.


x A Portal.png


Agent information page does a little bit of (map) processing, there is no discernible difference in speed.


x AgentInfo.png


Route analysis page is effectively identical, the Pi 2 is always slightly slower for packets to get from the Agent to the Router, but the difference is milliseconds.


x Route.png


Speed Test page and functionality is the difference. There is a consistent difference in the speed of execution confirmed after many tests.


The Pi 2 is considerably slower at initiating a "Speed test". The start-up lag is anywhere from 20-50 seconds. But when the ping result has been completed, they both perform the download / upload tests in about the same time and the difference is not statistically significant.


I am getting the same "Ooops" errors with both agents.


x Speed1.png 

Opening the Web App - The Pi 2 does take slightly longer to open the Web App from the local page.


Screenshot 2016-09-16 21.14.51.png


Bottom line - there is not much difference.



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