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Feature request: Configure the Speed Test

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My #1 feature request is the ability to configure the Speed Test. I have had awful time with my ISP lately each evening from about 6-10pm. It is probably cable congestion. My ISP is an Australian Telco called Telstra, I pay for a Plan called "Super-fast Cable 100 Mb/s" and at night time I am often only getting 1%. The ability to manually configure the Speed Test to automatically perform a test at more frequent intervals would be most useful and would produce a far more impressive graph. I have sent them this graph (attached to a complaint). But it looks a little amateurish because of the frequency of data points. Their IA (Immediate Action) - the green line - was to replace my Gateway Cable modem. That didn't work. So I expect that I will have to do this for a while until they get to the bottom of the problem. I think this would be a very popular feature.


Screenshot 2016-09-13 21.13.51.png

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+1 for this feature.  I'm with the other big Telco in Australia (Optus) and have their Superfast Cable 100Mb/s equivalent.  I only installed Domotz over the weekend but love it already.  I've tried loads of other monitoring software which always come short.  This is cool stuff :)

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One good news. At some point in October,  we will add a graph for the latencies. Initially will be simple ping tests to google.com performed every 30 minutes. But I think that can give more granular view anyway.


About having more frequent speed test. Technically speaking is not so complex. But for us is matter of costs  vs our price model.

Currently saving all these data points for all the agents is having a significant cost of cloud. Having more frequent data points will increase this cost.

We are already working at more cost-effecting ways of storing these data. And I am confident we can do what you ask without impacting the cost for our customers. But for a number of technical reasons,  this will come later.




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Silvio is it not possible to use the Nas`s / raspery pi`s storage to store additional data points therefore meaning no additional cost of cloud capacity, I too agree this would be a great feature

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History works very well. I really like this product and am delighted that I discovered it last year. I was having enormous problems with my ISP (Telstra in Australia), and the evidence that this provided (perhaps) contributed to them resolving the problem. Either that or bumping into the Telstra Cable Service Operations Manager while skiing at Perisher and explaining my problem to him on a chairlift. But whatever it was that goaded Telstra into action, my problems have been resolved, and the evidence is that my connection is very good.


I was able to email Telstra these graphs which added fact to my assertion that something was not working.


I have Domotz running on a Raspberry Pi which is limited to 100Mbps, so it understates my real speed. I suspect that if I forked out the money for the Domotz Box it would be averaging close to 100Mbps. So the speed is understated because of the limitations of the hardware. But what matters is the trend.


This worked very well for which I am grateful to Domotz!


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