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Add software to Domotz hardware box?


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I have a question about capabilities and configuration of the Domotz box hardware (not the Pi).


Is it feasible to add additional software to this device?  I realize it is running an Intel CPU (and not ARM), but I assume it is running Debian or another well known Linux distro.


I have applications for deployment in client's network where I need a dedicated appliance and would prefer to consolidate onto one box if possible.  Specifically, at this time, the apps I am considering are a node.js server, VNC gateway server, and possibly an OpenVPN Server  (not client) gateway.


From a technical perspective, and equally important, from a support/service point of view, can I load node.js on the Domotz box and if so, will the box and Domotz agentcontinue to be supported with automatic updates, etc. or should I consider configuring/sourcing my own box and loading the Domotz agent myself along with other software/apps that I may need?


For example, pfsense.org is coming out with a microgateway/firewall for $145 that is ARM based (preferable over Intel for embedded/Linux systems) and has much more ram ( 512MB), 4GB flash and 2 GigE ports.  Might be easier to start with this hardware and add the Domotz agent to end up with an appliance that has everything I want with room to grow?



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