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Problem reinstalling agent


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I wiped my raspberry pi 2 and started from scratch. I cant seem to get the agent to work properly such as to scan or get any sort of details other than what was last there.


I still see my old ISP's gateway which there really shouldnt be any route to. I ran the domotz nmap and the results didnt show up on the web app. Phone app doesnt work as it doesnt show anything and just gives errors.


On the website under devices it says "online but some services are down, please restart local agent". I restart it a few times and it sitll doesnt work.


I cant reset the agent because under license it thinks the agent is running even when it isnt.

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The online/offline works fine now, seems to take a few minutes to change. The problem however is that because the version of domotz i last used the license shows the wrong version. I have the latest version installed but my license says 0.9.4. So when i try to reset it says the agent version doesnt support this feature.

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