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Domotz Box and multiple subnets and vlans


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I tried searching but everything comes back to the raspberry pi model instead. Is this supported on the Domotz Box too? If not why as the Domotz Box costs twice as much. Thanks. 

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Hi Michael,


of course the Box supports multiple VLANs, same mechanism as for the PIs. Moreover, there is a TUI to help you configuring VLANs and other network related stuff on the Box and Pi.


For a comparison about the two hardware, have a look at this:



The most significant differences, in my opinion are:

- better CPU 

- more reliable storage (SD cards on PIs tend to deteriorate with time)

- faster ethernet (you can't perform speed test higher then 60-80 Mbps with Pi)


Finally, I think that with the discounts available for Dealers on the Box, the difference in price is negligible (compared with the better performance and rest of the Box)...

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We are only buying the Domotz box. The price is very reasonable for what it does. Do you have a link you can provide me for configuring the device for multiple subnets?

Nevermind. I just found it on page 66. thanks

Actually now that I am reading it, it says you have a user guide for the TUI available on request. Can you please provide that?

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